Do I need to make a reservation?

No, reservations are not necessary. We don’t even take reservations. Street food is street food. You hungry, you eat. Just walk-in when there is space, otherwise come back later.

Can I pay with cash?

Sorry, we only accept debit oir credit card payments. We cannot handle cash amounts and don’t have a cash register. It’s safer, less chance of getting robbed. Less stress for our staff.

We’re a group of 8 friends. Can we come as a group?

Sorry, but no. We’d love to have you, but we’re a small restaurant and are not equipped for handling groups. 4-5 people is fine, but that’s already stressing it. If the weather is nice and you can sit outside, then we have more room and can be more flexible. Just walk in and ask us.

Do you have Halal food?

Yes, we are proud that all of our meats are 100% Halal certified and regularly checked.

I’m allergic to some foods. Do you have a menu with allergy indicators?

Yes we do! Check this menu.

Do you have vegan dishes?

Of course, we offer various vegan dishes or try have a vegan option for most of the popular non-vegan classics. Check our vegan menu!

Can we bring small children?

Yes, you can bring babies and small children! We have high chairs available. Please don’t bring big strollers inside, there is limited room inside. Be considerate of our other guests when you have a large stroller and don’t block paths. That’s a fire hazard!

Can we sit outside? Do you have a terrace?

Yes, we have a terrace with rain/sun covers and heaters. Weather permitting, the terrace is open and available for our guests.

Do you offer late night food?

Our kitchen closes at 20:00. If you arrive late, it’s possible that we won’t take in new customers. On Friday and Saturday, the restaurant is open till 21:00, but kitchen still closes at 20:00 like on other days.

Can we take pictures and post them on social media

Of course, you can make pictures of your food and the restaurant and post them social media! We love it when our customers are happy and enthousiastic about us. But please, take the privacy of other guests and our staff into account when you take pictures. Some people do not want to have their picture taken.